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Luxury Glasses

In today's fast-paced fashion world, eyeglasses are not just for vision correction; they're a statement of style, pers...

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Luxury Glasses

In today's fast-paced fashion world, eyeglasses are not just for vision correction; they're a statement of style, personality, and individuality. Vint and York, a pioneer in combining functionality with fashion, offers a diverse collection of luxury glasses that caters to many tastes. Let's delve deep into their exquisite range.

Eyeglasses by Gender: Tailored to Perfection

Men's eyeglasses in Vint and York's collection are crafted with precision and gravitas. Balancing robustness with elegance, each frame compliments the distinct male facial features, ensuring comfort without compromising style. With designs that resonate with the modern man's lifestyle, whether he's a corporate go-getter or a creative artist, there's something for every gentleman. We have a wide selection of styles, shapes, colors, and materials so that every man can find his perfect pair of eyewear. 

Femininity meets flair in Vint and York's luxury eyewear for women. Celebrating the diverse expressions of womanhood, each pair is a blend of grace, strength, and style. The range promises to accentuate the female charm, offering designs that range from the bold and avant-garde to the subtle and sophisticated.


Eyeglasses by Frame Shape: Embrace Your Unique Aesthetics

We have a wide range of styles available for eyewear because we believe shoppers should have eyewear that aligns with their individual fashion taste.

Originating from the world of aviation, the Aviator eyeglasses have a rich history of combining purpose with panache. Vint and York bring a contemporary touch to this classic, ensuring wearers emanate a sense of adventure and style. The Cat-Eye frames exude a retro charm. With an upward tilt at the corners, they are perfect for individuals looking to make a confident and stylish statement reminiscent of old Hollywood glam.

Distinctive and stylish, the Keyhole Bridge glasses are named for the keyhole-shaped gap at the bridge. Merging classic and modern designs, these glasses are for those who appreciate subtlety with a touch of uniqueness. Simple, timeless, and versatile, the oval frames are the go-to for many. Their rounded design ensures they suit most face shapes, making them a favorite for those who value understated elegance.

Making a bold statement, Oversized eyeglasses are for the audacious souls. Covering a more significant part of the face, they offer both style and ample protection, ensuring the wearer stands out in a crowd. Clean lines and sharp edges define the rectangular glasses. These frames are particularly flattering for rounder face shapes, offering contrast and a touch of modernity.

Harkening back to the days of literary giants and thinkers, round frames exude an intellectual vibe. These luxury glasses frames blend nostalgia and fashion perfectly, promising to add depth to the wearer's persona. With equal width and length, square frames offer a symmetrical aesthetic. They're particularly favored by those with oval or round faces, adding a touch of geometric finesse to their look.

Eyeglasses by Color: A Palette of Possibilities

Colors can profoundly influence our mood, personality, and the vibes we send to the world. Vint and York, understanding this, offer an expansive color range. Each color can evoke different emotions and express individuality. For those who prefer understated elegance, these neutral shades match perfectly. From beige's softness to black eyeglasses boldness, there's a hue for every mood.

Bursting with energy and zest, the vibrant color collection is for the spirited souls. Whether it's the calm of blue, the freshness of green, or the passion of red, each color promises to uplift the spirit. For those who love to experiment, Vint and York offer unique shades. Clear frames give an ethereal touch, multi-color offers a playful vibe, while two tones provide a balanced blend of colors.


Eyeglasses by Frame Size: One Size Doesn't Fit All

The universal go-to medium frames cater to a broad spectrum of wearers. Vint and York's medium structures merge comfort with style, ensuring a snug fit that suits varied face shapes without overpowering their features. Vint and York's eyeglasses for narrow face offer a balanced and proportional look for those with slender face structures. These luxury glasses are perfect for individuals seeking subtle elegance and precision in fit. For the bold hearted with broader face structures, wide frames ensure a comfortable fit without compromising style. They promise to accentuate the wearer's features while exuding confidence.

Eyeglasses by Face Shape: Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Buying the right frame style will help to accentuate your face shape. For heart-shaped faces characterized by wide foreheads and narrow chins, Vint and York provide frames that balance and complement these unique features, accentuating the face's symmetrical beauty for those with longer face shapes. The collection offers frames that add breadth and break the face's elongated structure, ensuring a harmonious look.

Considered the most versatile face shape, eyeglasses for oval face can pull off a wide range of frame designs. Vint and York curate a collection that allows these individuals to experiment and find their signature style. With full cheeks and a rounded chin, the round face shape benefits from frames that offer contrast and definition. The collection promises to elongate and sharpen the face's soft features. For those with a strong jawline and forehead, Vint and York's collection offers frames that soften these pronounced features while celebrating their angular beauty.

Eyeglasses by Frame Material: Beyond Aesthetics

Made from plant-based plastic, acetate frames are known for their durability and vibrant color possibilities. Vint and York's acetate collection marries sustainability with style. Metal frames eyeglasses offer a sleek and minimalist look. With their lightweight nature and strength, Vint and York's metal frames are both stylish and enduring.

The mixed material frames offer the best of both worlds for those indecisive between metal and acetate, creating an eclectic look. Vint and York's vegan leather frames offer a luxe appearance without any animal-derived materials in a nod to sustainable and ethical fashion.


Eyeglasses by Trend: Staying Ahead of the Curve

From the vintage vibes of Browline and the ethereal charm of Clear eyeglasses frames to the understated elegance of Matte Finish and the edgy flair of Metal Accents, Vint and York ensures every trendsetter finds their match. For those who love the simplicity of Monochrome, the timeless beauty of Tortoise, the chic transparency of Translucent and Transparent frames, or the earthy tones of Wood Finish, Vint, and York's collection doesn't disappoint. With the playful juxtaposition of colors in two tone, the glamorous dazzle of with crystals, and the nod to nature in wood finish, the brand caters to every individual's unique fashion sensibility.

At Vint & York, we have stylish, luxury eyewear that will fit anyone’s sense of style. Contact our team by calling (800) 846-9915 if you have any questions.

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